PetLocator helps you find your pet as soon as possible!

Register your lost pet and immediately inform volunteers, other pet owners, shelters and pet vets near you...

Found a lost pet? Search for the owner

How it works

Submit your pet

Enter your pet's information, contact details and keep them up to date.

If your pet is lost

Make sure that pet's information are correct and change it's status to "Lost" from the pet's profile and print the poster.

Instant notifications

All volunteers, members, pet vets, shelters near the area the pet was lost will receive notification and we auto post to our social media pages.

Unite with your pet

Through detailed contact info you will find your pet much easier and faster.


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  • Up to date pet information

    Update your profile 24/7/365
  • Easy to use

    Easy access and functionality
  • One account, many pet profiles

    Easily manage all your pets
  • Automatic A4 poster generation

    Creat a poster with pet & owner info
  • Unique pet code/id

    Unique code/id for tag engraving
  • Instant notification

    Inform other members and social media page
  • Choose what info to display

    Choose what info you want to display in public
  • Secure data storage

    Your data is stored safely
Immidiate access to contact info
Ability to easily update your contact info
No need to transfer found pet to vet
Ability for alternative contact ways
Medication treatment requirements for your pet
Online pet profile

Why PetLocator

PetLocator provides more information for your pet in case it goes rogue like multiple contact information, health condition, medication treatment, behavior and nutritional needs.

You can engrave a pet tag with the unique ID that we provide and the link to your pet's profile. In combination with the microchip the possibilities to find your pet are getting stronger.

  • Free online profile
  • Engrave unique ID in tag
  • Automatic A4 poster generation

How to get started

1. Create Account

Create an account and register all your pets with up to date details

2. Update Pet Profile

In case your pet's gone lost, change it's status to 'Lost' and share it on social media

3. Amber Alerts

All volunteers, pet vets, shelters and rest of the members are being contacted and you can download an A4 missing poster with pet's details

Become a member now and register your pet!